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Teeth are designed to survive, if not till death, then for the longest time possible. However, we frequently discover that this is not the case. Through age, an accident, or disease, you find holes in your mouth where teeth used to be. You might not notice it at first—especially if the missing tooth is at the back of the mouth—but in time, it might become an issue when eating or speaking.

If the missing tooth is at the front of the mouth, it may impact our look and damage our million-dollar smile. In severe circumstances, the entire set of teeth may have to be removed, ruining your smile. As with everything these days, there is a solution: dentures.

Dentures are removable false teeth made of acrylic that replace lost teeth and alleviate future dental issues. Depending on the severity of the disease, you may need full dentures to replace your whole set of teeth or partial dentures to replace just one or two teeth. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Here’s everything you need to know about dentures.

What are Dentures?

Gaps in the mouth caused by missing teeth can lead to speaking and eating issues if left for a long time, not to mention that they can ruin your smile. Dentures, which are false teeth made out of acrylic, help to solve this problem by acting as a replacement for missing teeth in the mouth.

Dentures are generally customized to the individual and can be made to fit snugly over the gums and provide a natural feel while at the same time restoring your mouth to its full potential. The procedure is not difficult to do, and at Gentle Dental Arts, our dentists can quickly fix the appliances. It is far less expensive than dental implants like same-day crowns and does not require as much surgery.

Full dentures are used in cases where the entire set of teeth (either upper or lower or both) need to be removed entirely to be replaced. Partial dentures are only used to replace a few missing teeth. These are the most common, but there are a couple of other types that our Orem dentist may recommend in specific situations.

Types of Dentures

As a result of their value, various dentures have been developed to address any problem you might have. Depending on the individual, each kind offers advantages and disadvantages. In most cases, your Orem dentist will, after examination, recommend a specific variety to suit your needs. If so, then you must follow their directions.

Here are the types of dentures that might be recommended:

1. Full dentures: They are often utilized when a total replacement of the teeth (either upper or lower or both) is required. As a result, they are put directly on the gums once the initial set is removed. Full dentures can either be placed immediately after the teeth are removed—if the appliances had been created in advance—or they can be placed after 8-12 weeks to give the gum tissue time to heal.

2. Partial dentures: Partial dentures are designed to replace one or two missing teeth, fill any gaps there, and restore your smile. Our dentist in Orem can easily measure your mouth and recommend partial dentures if needed. The appliances can be fixed with metal clasps in the mouth or a fixed bridge.

3. Implant-supported dentures: Our Orem dentist may recommend these types for patients who require a more secure fit to their dentures. The appliances are fixed in place and helped with dental implants placed in the jawbone to support the dentures. Though the procedure is somewhat invasive, the extra support helps to increase your comfort while wearing the dentures, making your smile more natural, and your bites effective.

4. Implant-retained dentures are similar to implant-supported dentures but do not require as many implants to work, and they can be removed at night to be cleaned. Retained dentures are generally more affordable than their counterparts yet still afford comfort while eating and speaking.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures hold many benefits for people missing some or all of their natural teeth. And that’s why Drs. Alexander Larsen and Pearce Ollar, dentists in Orem, will readily recommend the procedure if your situation calls for it. Some of these advantages might be obvious, and some, not so much.

Here are a couple of benefits of dentures:

  • Dentures replace missing or damaged teeth and perfectly restore your smile to its former glory, eliminating any confidence grips you might have had in one fell swoop.
  • Facial muscles tend to sag without the presence of a complete set of teeth, making a person look older and worn out. Dentures help to stop this by supporting the face as your natural teeth once did while simultaneously preserving your appearance.
  • Gaps in the mouth can be a pain when speaking and eating. However, the problem is solved when either full dentures or partial dentures replace missing teeth.
  • All traditional dentures can be removed easily at the end of the day, making it easier to clean them.
  • A less than full set of teeth tend to put undue stress on the remaining teeth, making them wear out faster. The proper placement of dentures helps evenly distribute the force when eating and supports your natural teeth last longer.
  • Dentures are incredibly cost-effective, far more affordable than other dental options like dental crowns and the like. Similarly, the procedure of procuring and fixing the appliance isn’t complicated.


Dentures can help you restore your smile, preserve your look, and solve any eating or speaking issues you may have. However, it’s critical to have a good dentist in Orem do an examination to ensure that dentures are the right solution for you, recommend the specific type, and educate you on maintaining dentures.

However, if you have any remaining doubts or are sure you want to proceed with the operation as soon as possible, you may arrange an appointment and speak with a member of our dedicated dental team. We look forward to hearing from you!