Implant retained dentures

If you are missing multiple teeth, there are plenty of options that are available. But the real question is: which solution will serve you best. You could go with traditional dentures if you want to, but there are some downsides that may not be so pleasant.

For example, you could find yourself relying more on adhesives, the risk of them falling out and possibly getting damaged, and even the task of having to clean them more often than not. Gentle Dental Arts, your dentist in Orem, UT has a solution to suggest.

We will be taking a look at implant-retained dentures, which are available for you at your request. If you believe you are a candidate, you may want to consider making a consultation appointment with us. Before you make a decision, let’s talk about what you need to know about these implant-retained dentures.

What are implant-retained dentures and how are they installed?

These are a combination of an old-school and modern solution in dentistry. It’s where dentures and dental implants meet. What this consists of is a denture that can be attached using implants or posts.

The dentist will add anywhere from four to six titanium-based screws or implants into the jawbone. After this part of the procedure, there is a time period that will allow the implants to fuse within the jawbone. The timing of this will range from three to six months.

After this, the dentures themselves will be attached. The dentures will not be removed by yourself. They can only be done with the help of your dentist.

That’s only one of the handful of benefits you may have with implant retained dentures. What are some of the others? Keep reading to find out more from your Orem, UT dentist.

The benefits of implant retained dentures

There are some additional benefits if you are looking for implant-retained dentures in Orem, UT. You can enjoy the following benefits like these:

  • They can function like regular teeth
  • The look and feel is natural
  • Caring for these dentures is the same as real teeth
  • Enjoying your favorite foods
  • Being able to speak properly

These are just some of the major benefits that you will enjoy when you have these implant-retained dentures in place. However, if you believe you qualify for implant-retained dentures, you’ll want to consider making an appointment with Gentle Dental Arts.

Some people may not qualify for implant retained dentures. Let’s explain that in the next section.

What are some reasons why you may not get implant-retained dentures?

You may not be a qualifying candidate right now for one purpose or another. But the good news is that these issues can be rectified. Specifically, your jawbone may not be strong enough to handle implants and thus will make it difficult to adjust.

For this reason, you may have to undergo a bone graft. This is a procedure that will provide the use of bone from another part of your body or through other sources. The purpose of this is to ensure that the bone will be strong enough to handle the implants.

The healing process for a bone graft will range from six months to a year. And that could also further delay the process of getting implant retained dentures. But don’t let that discourage you from ever restoring your smile at all.

That’s why it is important to get an appointment set up with your Orem, UT dentist for a consultation before anything else can be done. This will allow the dentist to map out a plan for you and determine what can be done in terms of the procedure itself.

How much can implant retained dentures cost?

This will depend on several factors. This will include the procedures and the dentures themselves. At the same time, it will also depend on the dentistry as well. To give you an average estimate, you can expect a total of $6000 once all is said and done.

The price may be higher depending on how many implants will be needed. Other situations can arise to where it can affect the process.

Gentle Dental Arts will provide you with our own price during our consultation appointment with you. Keep in mind that this will be an estimated price, but we may also suggest additional procedures that may be factored in if you are not a candidate at the moment.

For example, the estimated price may increase if you need additional procedures such as a bone graft.

What’s the difference between implant retained dentures and traditional dentures

At this point, you may already know the benefits of implant retained dentures in terms of care and function. Let’s compare that with traditional dentures. For one, traditional dentures are easily removable.

Because of this, it may lead to instances of slippage if they are not held properly by adhesives or something similar. Traditional dentures, while aesthetically pleasing, the overall quality won’t be so great. That’s why they may be the cheaper option compared to implant-retained dentures.

Finally, there is also the amount of time regarding longevity. You can expect traditional dentures to last you somewhere between 5 to 10 years. Implant retained dentures can last for anywhere between 20 to 25 years.

The shorter the time frame, the more money you may be shelling out for the purpose of getting them replaced. If you are looking for something that will be less costly in the long run, implant retained dentures win out. Need a consultation? Set up an appointment with us

Gentle Dental Arts is your implant retained denture service in Orem, UT. We will make sure that you are a candidate if you are missing several teeth. To get started, you’ll need to set up a consultation appointment with us. Call us at 385-233-9823 to schedule your consultation with us. Why wait any longer? Set up your appointment and retain your smile so you can look great and be more confident.