Cosmetic Dental Treatments

The demand for cosmetic dentistry has never been higher, with people rushing out to get some quick work done. With a large number of areas opening back up on a wider scale, people are eager to get out and show off a great smile. Sometimes, though, this means stopping into your local Utah county dentist to get one of a variety of different treatments aimed at giving you the best smile you can get.

Depending on the needs of the patient and the recommendations of their dental care team, there are several cosmetic dental treatments that may be viable ways to achieve the results you want. With treatments ranging from simple whitening procedures, up to veneers, crowns, and even implants, there should be an option to help every smile look its best.


Tooth whitening is arguably one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments sought by those looking for a quick improvement to an already great smile. Tooth whitening has become such a large industry now, that there are even cheap home knock-off products that imitate the results your dentist can provide.

There are several different methods from deep cleanings to ultraviolet and laser whitening, so be sure you speak with your dental care team about your potential tooth whitening options. There will be some procedures and methods that will not be available everywhere, and your dental professional may also determine that one or more types of whitening treatments are not suitable for your needs.


Bonding is a type of cosmetic dental treatment that fills in gaps of heavily spaced teeth or even gaps or spaces created by irregularly shaped or broken teeth. Bonding is often used as a cheap and effective way to fill smaller imperfections and uses dental epoxy to fill any holes, gaps, or spaces that are below a threshold size.

The upsides to dental bonding to fix more minor inconsistencies in the smile are that it is one of the fastest ways, one of the cheapest ways, and one of the most reliable. Someone needing bonding work can have it done easily in an outpatient procedure that has the wearer on their way out the door with an improved smile in a few hours or less.


This is a process also called “enamel shaping” and is something done to change the physical shape of the tooth by either adding or subtracting enamel. This is something that can be done in a very short time and gives immediate results that can be shown off that day.


Veneers can be a particularly transformative process for someone looking for a cosmetic improvement. They are often a fix-all method for fixing crowding, spacing, color issues, and more. Veneers are one-piece porcelain or ceramic shell that is cemented over the teeth. When you see someone with a “Hollywood smile” you can bet there’s a good chance it is veneers.

Veneers are a permanent option, and as such, they will need a robust commitment from the wearer. They can be made from porcelain or in some cases from a composite resin substance, and are fit from measurements your dentist will take before they are made. They can be one of the most expensive cosmetic options, however, often costing $1k-$2k per tooth and up.


Dental crowns are also called caps, and they are made to order covers for an entire tooth. They are usually made from porcelain or acrylic that have been treated to be bite-safe. These are often an option for those with a badly shaped tooth, decayed, broken, otherwise aesthetically unappealing, or ill-spaced.


Implants are a relatively modern way to replace entire missing teeth. They are made from metals that are not bioreactive, like titanium, and are drilled and attached directly to the jawbone. There is a post set in the bone, and the tooth is attached to the post. This can be used for a single tooth, or an entire mouth of teeth, as well as acting as an anchor for appliances like crowns, bridges, and even dentures.

As this is one of the newest ways to achieve artificial dentition, it is still highly cost-prohibitive in many areas and for many people, though your dentist will have specific details on the availability of implants for cases like yours. Cost and other details will vary depending on location and patient needs.


Orthodontic cosmetic treatment constitutes an extensive amount of material and methods. Your dentist will be able to cover applicable options in much more detail, but these are some of the more popular methods for cosmetic alignment issues.

Clear Aligners

These are the clear braces that you have likely seen advertised in some capacity. They include brands like Invisalign and are created from cutting-edge clear composites that help correct alignment of teeth over time while being nearly invisible while being worn. They will need to be worn about 22 hours a day, and only removed when brushing or eating. Dr. Ballard a Sandpoint orthodontist adds that many who use Invisalign enjoy the removability so they can enjoy activities like sports.


Braces are one of the most versatile and reliable ways to improve alignment and smile quality. They are available in a number of different styles depending on your needs and can give incredible results over a 12-24 month period.


The standard implementation of braces is perhaps the most common and easy to implement, for the greatest number of people. These are also a good option for people who want to straighten their smile but cannot use other methods.


Ceramic braces are often used with transparent or tooth-colored bracketry to help minimize the appearance of the braces. They are known for being more comfortable during the periodic adjustments that will be required for wearers of braces.


These braces will be the most expensive, on average, but they are also the most discrete and easy to hide. They work in a similar fashion to traditional braces, except where traditional braces have the wire in front of the teeth, lingual braces have the wire behind the teeth.