Same-Day Crowns

Dental crowns are "caps" put on top of a tooth to protect it and restore its form, size, and look. They are very adjustable and are typically used when a cavity threatens to ruin a tooth, cover dental implants that may interfere with your smile, prevent discolored teeth, and other purposes. Dental crowns are incredibly versatile, and our dentist in Orem may recommend a dental crown for any number of reasons like fixing tooth decay, holding together cracked teeth, masking slightly discolored teeth, and even enhancing your smile.

Previously, molding a dental crown for a patient took a couple of days to weeks—now, patients can get a crown molded and fixed in a single appointment. Same-day crowns—as they're called—or CEREC crowns are a type of dental crown milled from a block of material to fit an impression taken from your tooth to be fitted that same day. There are many advantages of this, and they'll be addressed later in the article. First, let's talk about precisely what same-day crowns are.

What are Same-Day Crowns?

There are different types of dental crowns that your Orem dentist might recommend. These are generally differentiated into traditional dental crowns and same-day or milled crowns. The difference between same-day and traditional crowns is that traditional crowns typically require two visits; the first is when the dentist examines your tooth and determines you need a crown, taking an impression in the process, and the second appointment weeks later, when you get the crown fixed.

With a same-day crown, you only need one appointment. During this appointment, our dentist in Orem determines you need a dental crown, takes an impression of your teeth, and the crown is made on-site using a CEREC machine. Hence, it's also called CEREC crowns, which mills the material (ceramic, porcelain, etc.) used in custom-made dental crowns. All in thirty to ninety minutes!

Same-day crowns are decidedly time-efficient and save a lot of hassle from coming in for multiple appointments. The simplicity of the procedure is one of the major things that draws people to milled crowns; however, it's far from the only advantage of same-day crowns.

Advantages of Same-day Crowns

Most people have dozens of things to be done in a day, and fitting in multiple dental appointments might not be feasible. That's where same-day crowns come in. Since the entire process of fixing a CEREC crown only takes one meeting, it's the perfect thing if you don't want to spend all day in the dentist's office.

Here are some other reasons why most Orem dentists highly recommend same-day crowns:

1. Cost-effective: This isn't a well-known fact because same-day and traditional crowns tend to cost the same. However, with same-day crowns, there is no need to pay for a temporary crown to use in the weeks while your own is getting molded, and there's no need to book an appointment since your crown will be fixed that same day. Hence, you can save hundreds of dollars and a lot of time.

2. Protects and Maintains the Natural tooth: Same-day or CEREC crowns perform virtually the same function as traditional crowns; however, since same-day crowns are fixed permanently in the same appointment, there's no need for a temporary crown. This is good because temporary crowns don't have the same protective value to the tooth as permanent ones.

3. Top-notch Durability: Regardless of the material used, CEREC crowns are incredibly durable and are guaranteed to remain functional, with little maintenance needed, for a very long time.

4. Precisely Natural: All dental crowns are customized to have a natural appearance to blend in with other teeth and restore your smile. However, the impressions taken for same-day crowns are made with a device for digital dental impressions, which are significantly more accurate than the conventional means for taking dental measurements.

5. Preserves Existing Tooth: Normally a dentist would have to perform excessive tooth drilling for the crown to fit when fixing traditional dental crowns. However, if a patient opts for a same-day crown, the drilling needed is hugely superficial, and most of the existing tooth is left in place.

6. Comfortability: The precision of the device used to take dental impressions for CEREC crowns allows for a crown with fewer margins of error and, thus, a snugger, firmer fit when the cap is finally fixed.

How are Same-day Crowns Made?

The procedure for making same-day crowns isn't at all complicated. Since it is done on-site instead of in a dental laboratory like traditional dental crowns, you might even be allowed to look over the dentist's shoulder as your crown is being made. Your tooth would be prepared to accept the crown as a first step. To do this, your dentist might recommend several options of sedation. Whether or not you accept this offer, the tooth to be crowned is then reduced in size, shaped with a drill, and then tested with a crown to ensure that everything has been done correctly. After the preparation, the dentist takes a digital scan of your tooth, applying a reflective powder to aid.

The scan is used to create a virtual model of your tooth to determine the appropriate specifications before the information is sent to the in-office milling machine for fabrication. From actual shaping to glazing and cleaning, the entire process usually takes thirty-ninety minutes before the crown is finished. Finally, the dentist inspects the cap for any imperfections, fits it onto your tooth, makes minor adjustments as necessary, and then cements the crown permanently to your tooth.

Same-Day Crowns at Gentle Dental Arts

While fixing same-day crowns is usually straightforward, it still requires an experienced hand to ensure everything is done correctly. Our dentists, Drs. Alexander Larsen and Pearce Ollar are experienced dental specialists at Gentle Dental Arts. They and our compassionate team aim to provide the best service possible to deal with any need that might arise. If you have any questions about same-day crowns or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact our Orem dental office today! (385) 233-9823