Smile Makeovers

Your smile is one of the first things other people will notice about you. When you have a problem with your smile, having a dentist make a plan for fixing it is the way to a pretty smile that will capture everyone’s attention. In Orem, your mouth will be taken care of by highly qualified dentists who want to give you the best smile possible.

What is a Smile Makeover?

To put it simply, a smile makeover is like a makeover for your smile. If you have any problems or abnormalities with your smile, a smile makeover will make them right again. A smile makeover uses dental procedures to improve the appearance of your smile. Many times, improving the appearance of your smile improves the health and well-being of your smile as well! Some dental procedures that Orem dentists will do as part of a smile makeover include braces, crowns, dentures, dental implants, teeth whitening, and more. Any procedure that works to improve the appearance of your mouth is considered a smile makeover.

What Conditions Would a Smile Makeover Help?

A problem with your teeth makes you a good candidate for having a smile procedure. Teeth that have had varying levels of damage occur to them would benefit from having a smile makeover. Chipped or broken teeth, worn teeth, missing teeth, crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, and other issues could lead to an Orem dentist suggesting that you get a smile makeover.

What are the Benefits of a Smile Makeover?

Smile makeovers are great for improving both your dental appearance and your dental hygiene. If you are unhappy with your smile, whether that means that your teeth or damaged or that you want your teeth to be whiter, getting a smile makeover will take care of the problems with your teeth that you are unhappy about. Smile makeovers will also make your smile healthier too. Misaligned teeth and crooked teeth are harder to clean, making them more at risk for developing cavities and infections. Using a smile makeover to fix the problems with your teeth will protect your mouth from developing further problems.

Depending on the smile makeover that you get, not only will your teeth be improved, but your entire mouth will be too. People have reported that their smile lines have improved and that they have fuller lips or cheeks after getting a smile makeover. Your teeth are so essential to the structure of your mouth that by changing the shape or look of your teeth will have an impact on the rest of your mouth as well.

Are Smile Makeovers Safe?

Smile makeovers are completely safe, especially if you go to one of the highly qualified Orem dentists. There is no more risk to smile makeovers than there is to any other dental procedure that you would get. When considering a smile makeover, your Orem dentist will go over the entire procedure with you, including any risks that are involved. You will learn about what they will be doing in your mouth, any problems that could occur, and how they will avoid them, and you will also be given instructions for the aftercare of the makeover.

The Benefits of Getting a Smile Makeover at Gentle Dental Arts

If a smile makeover seems like something that you are interested in, you should get your smile procedure done at Gentle Dental Arts. Here, you will be in contact with Orem dentists who will put you and your smile first. At Gentle Dental Arts, only the highest level of technology is used. Everything in the office is up to date with the newest technologies. Just one example of the newest technology that this office uses is the intraoral cameras.

The intraoral camera is a pen-shaped device with a tiny camera attached to the end of it. The Orem dentists will use the intraoral camera to take high-quality photos of the inside of your mouth to get a closer look at what is happening. If your Orem dentist is seeing something in your mouth that they need to get a closer look at, using the camera prevents you the discomfort of having a dentist get even closer to the inside of your mouth to look around.

Feel comfortable knowing that Gentle Dental Arts is also a metal-free location. If you don’t like the idea of metal being in your mouth for braces and other smile makeover procedures, know that this location won’t use any metal. Instead, they will use clear braces that will adjust your teeth without the force of metal along with other metal-free tools to give you a better smile. Gentle Dental Arts put the comfort and the smile of the customer first along with being efficient through every procedure. You can get in and out with a better smile in no time!

How to Get Started on Getting a Smile Makeover

If you are now convinced that a smile makeover will do you and your mouth, it’s time to figure out your next steps to having a better mouth. These Orem dentists at Gentle Dental Arts make it easy to come in and get a smile procedure. Your first step will be to make an appointment with the dental office for a consultation. At your consultation, you will express your worries about the look of your mouth and the dentist there will look at your mouth as well.

If the dentist agrees that a smile makeover will be helpful for improving the appearance of your mouth, they will go over what kind of procedure would be necessary for making those improvements. You will then learn about how the procedure will go from how long it will take to what the dentist would be doing. You will also learn about what kind of aftercare you will need to do after you get the smile makeover done. If you are comfortable with all of the information, you and the dentist will schedule the makeover appointment! Get a better smile today by getting a smile makeover with your Orem dentist.