Same Day Crowns

You have found out that your tooth is damaged, and you will need a crown. This is not always the best news to hear because it is a long process. However, what if you could simply find a way to get a crown done in one day? As you know, a crown that is traditionally done is a long hassle. Not only is it a hassle, but it is also a struggle with the insurance companies to get it done. Here is why you should get a crown the same day instead of waiting. At Gentle Dental Arts, we want your experience to be as smooth as possible. That is why we want you to stay tuned to understand the many benefits that same day crowns have.

1.      Time

Obviously, the number one thing is going to be time. It will save you on time when you get a crown the same day. Traditional crowns take time. You walk in with the tooth you need a crown for and then you get fitted and come back. The dentist will fix your problem, however, that it only temporary.

When you walk into the office and want a crown, you will get a crown. However, it is important to make a special appointment for this to ensure that the dentist has time to fit you in.

2.      No More Temporaries

When you get traditional crowns, you will have to be fitted for them. This means that while the crowns are being made, you are left with an ugly temporary fix. This is not going to be appealing and the wait is not the best.

When you are getting the crown the same day, you simply avoid this temporary step altogether. It will allow you to leave the dentist with an actual smile on your face.

3.      Fit

When you are getting a crown, you want it to fit your tooth perfectly. We know that crowns are not the cheapest thing in the world. With advancing technology, you can get a perfect fit in the same day. Within an hour or two you will have a crown that is made to fit your tooth specifically.

There is no more molding and sending away to create the crown. The crowns can be created in the office and walk out with a new crown that day.

4.      Quality

When you get a same-day crown they are high-quality materials. They are made to stay in your mouth forever. That is why they are made of ceramic. This means that you are no longer putting metal in your mouth. Sometimes this metal can irritate the gums and teeth. Keep in mind that ceramic crowns are going to have many properties similar to your natural enamel.

5.      Looks

The technology that is evolving around the dental industry is advancing. When you get the same-day crown you will avoid all dental putty. No one likes having to use dental putty. No more manual molds as you would find in a traditional crown process.

When you are using the same-day crown technology, there is no need for dental putty. This means no more waiting around and having this nasty stuff in your mouth because you have no other choice.

6.       Better Looking

When you are getting a crown in the same day you want it to look good. You may think that just because you are getting a crown the same day, that it will look bad. However, it will likely look better than traditional crowns. They are made more precise and look better. The advancing technology allows you to get the best-looking smile in the same day!

7.      Durable/Preservation

When you get a crown the same day, you are going to help save the preexisting tooth. The dentist will not have to drill as deep if at all. Most of the same day crowns will not require drilling which helps save your tooth.

Your teeth must last you your whole life. That is why it is important that they are durable. They are saying that same-day crowns are going to last the same life as traditional ones. They last the same length and are way more comfortable than traditional crowns.

It is also important to note that you can still get a restoration done on a tooth when you walk in. Sometimes you can simply get the tooth repaired instead of having a crown put on. If this is the case, take this option. Most people would forget crowns altogether, however, the same-day crown is going to be beneficial.

Why Same-Day Crowns?

Same day crowns are going to allow you to get what you want and when you want it. No more waiting around with temporary crowns while your permanent ones come in. You will be able to walk in the office with a broken tooth and leave with a beautiful smile within a few hours.

There are many benefits to same-day crowns as discussed above. However, many places are not implementing the procedure yet. That is why it can be a hassle. It is best to do your research to determine which areas do same-day crowns and which places do not. Also, keep in mind that a dentist may have the option, however, your insurance will not cover same-day crowns.

Pro Tip: It is always wise to ensure that your insurance will cover the same-day crowns that are available. Taking the time to do this can save you a ton of money.


Same-day crowns are an amazing advancement to the dentistry industry. It is a revolution, and many people will enjoy the simple fact that they can go in one day and come out the same day with a fresh crown. No more waiting, no more putty, and no more hiding your smile.

You get to walk into the dentist knowing that you are going to walk out with a beautiful smile. No more broken teeth or ugly silver metal in your mouth.