Look After the Little Things

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As you move into this holiday season, there is a lot to remember. Letting the little things slide can be a good thing–but not when it comes to your oral health! Follow this list to stay on track during the holidays.

Brush: Brush your teeth twice a day, for two minutes each session. If you find it difficult to take enough time on your teeth, try setting a timer–or listening to your favorite holiday song for 2 minutes!

Floss: Floss every day, once a day, for 2-3 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you floss before or after brushing, as long as you floss. Don’t forget to floss behind the back molars!

Mouthwash: An over-the-counter therapeutic mouthwash can benefit some people’s oral hygiene routines. Talk with Dr. Alexander Larsen to discuss the best mouthwash option for you.

Eat Good Food: Eat foods that are nutrient-dense, paying special attention to phosphorus, protein, calcium, and vitamins. If you decide to eat sticky, starchy, or sugary foods on occasion, be sure to brush and floss extra-thoroughly that day.

Visit Your Dentist: Visit your dentist biannually. This will help catch any problems early, and professional cleanings will help support your at-home oral health habits. If you are in the Orem, Utah area, call Gentle Dental Arts at 801-788-4922 to schedule an appointment.

As you follow this checklist, your oral health will improve and you will start to see the smile you’ve always wanted!