Teeth Cleanings

The average person has let his or her 6-month dental visit slide to a year, paid the consequences in the form of oral health problems and vowed to never do so again. We are here to hold you to your promise and help you fulfill your oral health and beauty potential. Skip your regularly scheduled dental visit and you will let plaque build up on your teeth. Your floss, toothbrush, and toothpaste can only do so much in the battle against plaque. Our dentist's distinct dental cleaning tools are necessary to combat the formation of plaque. Just as important is the elimination of plaque that has already formed. Even if you do not mind this slimy substance building up along your teeth, you should know those who neglect their dental health typically end up with other health problems. Your dental health really does have the potential to affect other parts of your body.

Dental Cleanings are Necessary for Addition to Home Care

If you brush, floss and rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash at least two times per day, you are doing your part to keep your teeth healthy, clean and presentable. Unfortunately, plenty more is necessary. It is imperative you meet with our dental team at least once every six months for a truly comprehensive 6-month oral health analysis and cleaning.

Give our dental professionals the opportunity to examine your oral health and we will look for signs of oral cancer. You will not be able to identify these signs on your own. If we detect oral cancer in the early stages, it is possible to cure it and ultimately help you live a normal life. However, if you skip your 6-month dental cleaning, the dentist will not have an opportunity to look for the signs of oral cancer or other problems. Do not underestimate the threat of this cancer. In the United States alone, an individual passes away from oral cancer every single hour.

We will perform an in-depth clean that helps prevent gum disease. Gum disease will ultimately lead to early tooth loss. Gum disease is also closely tied to cardiovascular disease to boot. All you have to do is have your teeth cleaned two times each year at 6-month intervals and you will have done your part to prevent the onset of gum disease, strokes, heart attacks, and other related maladies.

Are You Concerned About the Look of Your Smile? You Can Benefit From Dental Cleanings

There is no shame in admitting you are concerned about the way you look, especially when you smile. Our dental hygienist has the tools necessary to eliminate the majority of the stains that discolor and dull your tooth. Regular dental cleanings really will keep your teeth looking white, bright and lovely throughout the duration of the year.

Peace of Mind

For all the functional and aesthetic benefits of meeting with the dentist for dental care at least once every six months, there is also an important intangible benefit: peace of mind. The dentist will look for oral cancer as well as signs of broken fillings, fractures and other looming issues. The dentist will notify you of all the brewing problems.

Alternatively, if no problems are developing, the dentist will let you know you are taking good care of your teeth. This is the peace of mind you deserve, especially as you age and the likelihood of dental problems increases that much more. So do not hesitate to visit our dentist even if you were in the office six months ago. An examination, cleaning and question-answer session are necessary every six months to ensure comprehensive dental health. This is your opportunity to pick our dentist's brain, receive constructive criticism and set the stage for changes that will improve your oral health and beauty in the years to come.

Professional Plaque and Tartar Removal is Essential to Oral Health

Plaque gradually accumulates along the exterior of your teeth as you consume food and beverages. Your morning and nightly brushing removes some of the plaque that accumulates. Flossing will also pluck out some plaque that builds up between the teeth. However, it is just about impossible to completely eliminate all the plaque in your mouth with a regular toothbrush and floss.

If you do not visit with our dentist for regular 6-month dental cleanings, it is only a matter of time until the plaque along your teeth will gradually harden into tartar. Tartar will prove that much more challenging to remove, even for a professional dentist using dental instruments specifically designed to clean teeth. Meet with our dentist at least once every six months so we can clean the built-up plaque off of the surface of your teeth. As long as your plaque has not reached the point at which it transitions into tartar, there is a good chance we will be able to clean away the vast majority of it in a single office visit.

Dental Care's Impact on Pregnancy

If you are considering the addition of a new family member to your household, you should know your dental health is of the utmost importance. Expecting mothers and those considering pregnancy should meet with our oral health specialists at least two times per year at a bare minimum. We will examine your mouth, perform a precise cleaning and ensure the levels of harmful bacteria and bio film in your mouth are not out of control. Sadly, the presence of such bad bacteria has the potential to heighten the chances of a low birth weight baby or a still-birth. Meet with us and we will do our best to ensure your dental health is at its peak before you conceive and throughout your pregnancy.

Skip Dental Visits at Your Own Peril

The moral of this story is there are countless dangers that result from failing to meet with the dentist twice per year. Skip your dental visits and you will heighten the chances of cavities, gum disease, heart attack, stroke, and myriad other health issues. Our dental team is here to help you maintain a clean and beautiful mouth that ultimately enhances the rest of your body. If you have not been to the dentist in six months or longer, do not be shy! We are here to help patients who have gone a year, several years or even a decade or longer without dental care in Orem.