10 Things You Can Look Forward to With Implant Supported Dentures

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At Gentle Dental Arts, one of our favorite restorative treatment options that we offer our patients in the Orem, Utah and the surrounding areas are implant-supported dentures. Used to replace multiple missing teeth, these dentures offer exceptional stability and security as they are anchored into the jawbone.

Many of our patients have successfully turned to implant-supported dentures when restoring their healthy smile with a comfortable and natural-looking solution for their missing teeth. Utilizing titanium bars which are inserted into the jaw, these implants effectively connect your prosthetic teeth and dentures. Our bar-retained denture allows the metal bar to follow your jaw’s curvature as it is attached to your implant and secured to the bar with clips. Our ball-retained denture has ball-shaped attachments that are inserted into the dentures to hold it in place. Both are customized to fit your mouth comfortably, securely and looking natural.

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the benefits of implant-supported dentures so that you can see why we recommend them so highly!

10 Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

1 – Preserve jaw bone material

Your jaw bone maintains its density and shape from the constant stimulation provided by the tooth roots when you chew, but when teeth go missing, so does this stimulation. This means the old jaw bone cells are no longer being replaced and, instead, diminish, causing a recession of the jaw structure. This degeneration can be halted with implant-supported dentures as the implants function as tooth roots, continuing to stimulate the nerves in the jawbone. As the jaw bone regenerates, your oral health is maintained and even improved.

2 – Natural-looking appearance

Your custom dentures are measured precisely to complement the size and shape of your mouth as well as create the best shape and size for each tooth. They are designed to blend in naturally with your smile and even enhance your appearance. After using impressions of your gums and teeth to create a set of teeth in a denture lab, our dentist will make any necessary adjustments to the denture before securing it to the implant with a ball or stud attachment. This anchored stability makes for more normal biting and chewing which helps them feel more like your natural teeth than tooth replacements!

3 – Improve fit and feel

Implant-supported dentures are customized to fit over your gums. So once your implant surgery site and gums are completely healed, our dentist will take an impression of your gums and teeth to create the impression so that the dentures fit comfortably. Since they won’t slip around in your mouth they will stay in their desired position permanently.

4 – Maintain denture stability

Traditional dentures sit on the gum tissue and receive support from the bony ridge below it. When you wear dentures on the upper arch, the roof of the mouth suction helps it stay in place. Normal lower dentures can, however, shift in the mouth when you eat or speak, and sometimes even dental adhesive doesn’t prevent this from happening. With implant-supported dentures, the prosthesis will stay in its proper place. This also has the added benefit of not stressing the facial muscles and tongue as they do when holding conventional dentures in place.

5 – Preserve facial features

Your implant-supported denture is custom fitted to offer your facial muscles the best support. This allows the area between the upper and lower jaw to maintain the correct structure. The result? A natural and more youthful looking appearance of your facial features.

6 – Maintain normal eating patterns

Wearing traditional dentures often comes with food restrictions, but not so with implant-supported dentures, thanks to their anchored stability. This means you can still eat your favorite chewy or crunchy foods with confidence since the supported dentures will stay in place while handling the biting force (which triples in comparison to conventional dentures).

7 – Maintain clear speech

When conventional dentures shift around in the mouth they can affect your ability to speak clearly. Some denture wearers struggle with lisps, slurred speech, or clicking noises when speaking with ill-fitting dentures. However, implant-supported denture wearers don’t have this issue. Once the implants have fused with the jaw bone they will stay in place whenever you eat and speak.

8 – Improve self-confidence

Because your appearance stays natural, you can eat normally, and your speech remains clear, your confidence level often improves when your dentures are implant-supported. This is a huge relief as you won’t have to stress about speaking, eating, and meeting people in social gatherings.

9 – Prevent sore spots

While conventional dentures are held in place by your gums, implant supported dentures are held in place by the implants so you won’t experience friction and irritation of sensitive gum tissues. This prevents you from developing sores in the soft oral tissues and allows you to enjoy your dentures as they rest comfortably in the mouth supported by your implant.

10 – Protect gum structure

As conventional dentures rest on the gums for support, they can over time wear down the gum tissue, which is known as shrinking gums. When this happens, the dentures will loosen and need adjustments to fit properly. Thanks to dental implants, your gum structure is protected from this deterioration.

One last bonus, implant-supported dentures don’t require using messy dental adhesives to keep the dentures in place. If you have been thinking about using dentures to restore missing teeth and would like to learn more about our implant-supported dentures in Orem, Utah, please give us a call at 801-788-4922 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Alexander Larsen and our team are excited to help restore your healthy, attractive smile!