There Are Different Ways to Treat a Missing Dental Filling

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A minor physical defect like a chip or dental attrition, or a small area of tooth decay can often be treated by installing a standard dental filling. This is meant to replicate the original strength of the compromised tooth enamel, while also restoring its original structural integrity.

Yet chronic inconsistencies in your oral hygiene practices can demineralize the surrounding tooth enamel weakening the bond with the dental filling. As this starts to occur you might notice a gradual change in texture or increased sensitivity in the tooth.

The size and location of the dental filling will determine the necessary treatment plan that Dr. Alexander Larsen recommends for addressing the problem.

If the void left by the missing dental filling is minor Dr. Alexander Larsen might be able to install a new dental filling. This will require removing a small amount of additional tooth enamel to prepare a clean surface to bond the new dental filling.

If the void left by the lost dental filling affects multiple surfaces of the tooth or Dr. Alexander Larsen is concerned about the tooth’s structural integrity, he might recommend treating it with a dental crown restoration. This will completely replace the tooth enamel with an alternate dental material.

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