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Given the choice between going on vacation or keeping a dental appointment, most people would take the trip. That’s not a hard choice at all–especially if you suffer from dental anxiety. You may be surprised to learn that your thinking can help you beat your fears during your next dental visit.

Many people have some degree of uneasiness when it comes to the dentist. That unease can grow when the dental procedures become more serious and involve things like shots or surgery.
While modern advances in dentistry have eliminated much of the pain associated with dentistry and most practices offer different forms of sedation, there are things that patients can do to take the stress out of their appointments. Some of those things include

Mental images:
Imagine you are somewhere else–someplace calming like the beach, or sitting by a waterfall.

Deep breathing can be applied in concert with other relaxation techniques. Although many find that concentrating on taking slow deep breaths is all that is needed to feel calm.

This is not just for stage shows. Clinical hypnosis can be used to help you relax during stressful situations.

Plain old common sense happens to be an excellent method for reducing stress. Simply plan ahead, and prepare yourself mentally for your appointment. Talk to your dentist about your anxiety, and see what he recommends. Book a time when you won’t feel rushed or stressed-out. Avoid caffeinated drinks and sugar before the visit.

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