Oral Sedation Can Help Reduce Dental Anxiety

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If having necessary dental procedures performed are causing you to avoid your dentist, Dr. Alexander Larsen and Dr. Travis W. Storey are happy to help. Our Gentle Dental Arts are pleased to offer oral sedation for our patients with dental anxiety who need dental treatment. With our help, you can relax and have a comfortable receiving the dental care you need.

This conscious sedation method can help reduce your dental fears so that your experience chairside is positive. We want to make sure you feel confident when you receive treatment at Gentle Dental Arts and help you to look forward to your time with us. With oral sedation, you are simply given a pill to take before your procedure. You will be awake for the treatment although you may be so relaxed that you fall asleep.

Oral sedation allows you to find the relief you need without worry about needles, expensive forms of sedation or waiting for a prolonged period for the calming effects to take hold. Your comfort and safety is our goal, and we are confident you will have the best possible experience during our treatment time.

Our dentists will make sure you are a good candidate for this method of sedation and then prescribe you the medication. You will also need to bring someone to your procedure to drive you home afterward.

To schedule an appointment with either Dr. Alexander Larsen or Dr. Travis W. Storey, we invite you to call our Gentle Dental Arts team in Orem, Utah today. We look forward to helping you receive the best possible care in the most comfortable atmosphere!