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At Gentle Dental Arts in Orem, Utah, the intraoral camera, or IO, is just one of the state-of-the-art tools that Dr. Alexander Larsen uses to make sure you receive the quality care you have come to expect from our dentist. Using this tiny digital camera – which is a little longer than a writing pen – lets us accurately assess the goings on in living color inside your mouth to make sure we give you the best treatment possible.

The intraoral camera also fits comfortably inside your mouth so that we can capture clear, high-quality digital images and videos of even the hard to reach areas in your mouth while you relax comfortably in the chair. With the tiny camera lens fitted on this wandlike pen, it helps us uncover problems with your teeth and gums early on when they are most convenient, least invasively and least costly to treat. The intraoral camera accurately captures those conditions that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

We can also freeze the digital images taken to inspect them more carefully. One of the biggest reasons we use an intraoral camera to diagnose your condition is that we can see hidden areas at all angles to treat them effectively and quickly. The IO shows us enlarged digital images of your teeth and gums, so we can see the surfaces clearly and spot conditions when they are still small. For example, the camera can show us fillings that are weakening, pulp exposures, the tiniest fractures in a tooth or a vertical fractures, as well as gums that are bleeding and even the plaque levels in your mouth.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific benefits of using the intraoral camera when evaluating your smile:

Reduce Dental Anxiety
Patients often avoid seeing the dentist because of dental anxiety or fear of pain. This may be a valid concern when you are receiving treatment for advanced conditions of decay and disease. This is precisely why treating a problem while it is still small and early in the developing stage is so important, and is exactly what the intraoral camera allows us to do. Early stage treatment is not only the least painful but also the least costly and time-consuming.

Patient Understanding
The intraoral camera not only shows us problems when they are tiny, but they can also help you better understand your oral health, such as gum disease. You can clearly view the healthy gum tissue and compare it to areas where it is diseased. Seeing swollen and red gums for yourself can be an eye-opener, especially when you get to take the photo home to remind you exactly why are your flossing daily and brushing twice a day. Pictures can be a great motivator!

In addition to being an effective diagnostic tool, creating images that we can give you to take home also helps us help you to better understand how important your at-home care really is. Seeing for yourself what can happen when you skip healthy practices allows you to see what we see and brings home the message that your healthy mouth should be a priority if you want to avoid problems down the road. This allows us to work with you as a team, essentially we are collaborating on creating your best dental health, and this united effort goes a long way to help reduce your anxiety when you know that problems will be diagnosed and treated early.

Speaking of early diagnosis, it cannot be emphasized enough that the intraoral camera ensures accuracy when it comes to treatment recommendations. Especially considering its LED lighting and magnifying features that allow us to see more precisely so we can diagnose problems accurately and provide you with the best treatment recommendations.

Treatment Tracking
To better help us track your oral health and diagnosed problems, we can keep the photos and videos taken with the intraoral camera and store them in your dental records. We can most accurately assess your progress and recommend effective changes in treatment as needed. Not only is the intraoral camera useful in diagnosing treatment as early as possible, but it’s also helpful when following up once a treatment is finished as you see the before and after results for yourself.

Insurance Claims
Being able to show your dental insurance company high-resolution photos of your condition helps you receive better coverage for any claims that may be filed. The images provided by the intraoral camera are visual proof that helps support your claims. They are ideal documentation as they can be submitted almost immediately which can save you time and avoid inconvenience when you are dealing with your insurance.

Of course, the intraoral camera is just one of the technologically advanced tools that our experienced dentist, Dr. Alexander Larsen, uses to ensure that you receive excellent dental care. Our entire team is proud to offer high-quality dentistry in Orem, Utah, and we are happy to also assist friends from throughout Utah County, including the neighboring communities of American Fork, Pleasant Grove, Lindon, and Provo, Utah. If you would like to learn more about how we use the intraoral camera to benefit your oral health or to schedule a visit, please give us a call today at 801-788-4922.