How Can Intraoral Cameras Benefit Your Smile?

At Gentle Dental Arts in Orem, Utah, the intraoral camera, or IO, is just one of the state-of-the-art tools that Dr. Alexander Larsen uses to make sure you receive the quality care you have come to expect from our dentist. Using this tiny digital camera - which is a little... Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Same Day Dental Crowns?

If you have recently had a root canal, a dental implant, or a dental bridge, Dr. Larsen will likely recommend having a dental crown placed to complete the tooth. Even if you have a severely damaged or decayed tooth, a fractured tooth or weakened tooth, a dental crown can help... Read more »

Save Your Tooth With the Help of a Root Canal

If you have a severely damaged, decaying, or infected tooth, you may be nervous about having it treated when you are told you need a root canal. This endodontic treatment has an undeserved reputation that unfairly conjures up images of pain. Like many dental practices, root canal therapy has come... Read more »

Neglecting Your Oral Health Can lead to Periodontitis

If you have gum disease, you may or may not know it depending on the severity and stage of the disease. The earlier you catch this condition and treat it, the better your chances of reversing it. This is why seeing your dentist regularly is so important, as with other... Read more »

Is Sleep Apnea Keeping You up at Night?

Do you find yourself waking up during the because you are snoring? Do you wake up in the morning feeling as tired as you did when you went to bed? If so, then you might be one of the over 18 million adults in the United States who struggle with... Read more »

Revitalize Your Smile with the Help of Porcelain Veneers

If you are tired of having problems with unsightly teeth, you don't have to just resolutely deal with it. One of our services here at Gentle Dental Arts is providing porcelain dental veneers for our patients in Orem, Utah and the surrounding communities who need help with their teeth. Veneers... Read more »

What You Can Expect If You Need a Tooth Extraction

Having a tooth extracted is not as scary as it sounds. Essentially it involves removing a tooth from your mouth to help improve your oral health. Since a missing tooth does have an effect on how your smile looks, feels and works, we do everything we can to support your... Read more »

Would You Like to Transform Your Smile? Consider a Smile Makeover!

When you look into a mirror, what is the first thing you notice about yourself? Chances are it's your smile and how your teeth and gums measure up to your idea of what beauty looks like. Your smile is also the first thing others notice about you as well, and... Read more »

The Evolution of Dental Imaging to Digital X-Rays

The world of dentistry has advanced immensely over the last 100 years, creating opportunities for dentists – like ourselves – to give our patients – like you! – the advantages of modern medicine and great dental care. Whether it’s the tools we use every day, different kinds of cleaning products,... Read more »

Are You Putting off Dental Work Because of Dental Anxiety?

One of the most common occurrences for patients who come to see the dentist, Dr. Alexander Larsen, is dental anxiety. In fact, here in the U.S., statistics estimate anywhere from 9 percent and 20 percent of patients put off having dental work done because of dental anxiety or dental phobia.... Read more »