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If you have recently had a root canal, a dental implant, or a dental bridge, Dr. Larsen will likely recommend having a dental crown placed to complete the tooth. Even if you have a severely damaged or decayed tooth, a fractured tooth or weakened tooth, a dental crown can help strengthen the tooth back to normal form, function, and appearance. The crown (or cap) is cemented onto the damaged tooth to strengthen it and can only be removed by a dentist. The tooth that is being covered will need to be reduced in size to allow the fixed prosthetic crown to fit correctly.

A crown is useful for strengthening a tooth that has a large filling and when there is still not enough of the tooth left to support the filling any longer. Crowns are also used to successfully attach dental bridges, help keep a weakened tooth from breaking or fracturing, as well as restore a damaged tooth that has already broken. If you have teeth that are severely discolored or shaped irregularly, you can cover it with a dental crown to look good as new. And finally, a crown is an excellent choice for covering a dental implant.

What CEREC dental crowns have to offer you

At Gentle Dental Arts we offer same-day dental crowns for our patients in Orem, Utah, using CEREC technology, or ceramic reconstruction. Thanks to Computer-Aided-Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, or CADCAM Dentistry, Dr. Larsen and our team can help you get your dental crown placed faster and conveniently. CEREC crowns allow us to give you strong, natural looking teeth with a perfectly fitted crown in only one visit to our practice.

CEREC is a technologically advanced system of designing and creating metal-free dental restorations for patients in just one dental appointment. What does this mean for you? Using CEREC technology, Dr. Larsen can design, fabricate, and place your customized durable ceramic crown in a single visit to our office, saving you time and effort. Not only does this treatment eliminate the need for a second visit, but it also offers convenience and comfort as there is no need for using inconvenient plaster mold impressions or uncomfortable temporary crowns in this process.

The step-by-step process

This is accomplished by using the technology to create a 3-Dimensional Digital Impression of the inside of your mouth so that the crown will fit perfectly without having to rely on messy impressions or a temporary replacement crown. This state-of-the-art camera takes precision 3D images of your teeth by taking an exact measurement of your mouth and the location where the new crown will be placed. Next, the ceramic crown is created with the help of the milling unit, quickly and accurately. Then the tooth is painted and glazed. This will allow the crown to blend in seamlessly with your surrounding natural teeth and the crown is permanently bonded to the tooth with no discomfort. The process from start to finish takes around two hours and no second visit is needed to replace a temporary crown.

Why we like CEREC crowns

Our Gentle Dental team is highly impressed by the speed and accuracy maintained by the technology employed in the CEREC process. Not only are the digital impressions precise, but it is also fairly amazing that they only take minutes to create. The ceramic crown created with the milling unit looks and functions just like a natural tooth and fits accurately, making it a clear winner when it comes to appearance. The ceramic material is also stronger than porcelain crowns so it will last longer. Of course, while a crown can come loose and fall out, they typically last anywhere from 10-15 years on average. However, if you take proper care of your CEREC crown, it can last even longer.

While a crown may become loose or fall out, with proper care, they often last a lifetime. By brushing and flossing diligently every day, morning and night, and seeing Dr. Larsen every six months for cleaning and exams to check on your crown and how it is working, your teeth will stay healthier and your crown last as long as possible. Good oral hygiene is crucial to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, and will help you avoid needed artificial dental restorations in the first place!

Are you a good candidate for a CEREC same day crown?

If you have recently had a root canal, and you need a crown to protect your tooth, a CEREC crown may be just the right choice for your smile. If you have a busy work schedule and can’t come in for multiple dental visits, with CEREC this is no longer a worry.  And if you have a special occasion coming that prevents you from getting a dental crown in the traditional way, CEREC may be your same day solution.

Not only do we care about your oral health and strive to provide you with quality service, but we also appreciate your time, which is why we believe you will truly appreciate the value of the CEREC same-day solution. In fact, in addition to crowns, this technology allows us to create onlays, inlays, and bridges.

We encourage you to call 801-788-4922 today to speak to a member of our team, learn more about CEREC crowns, and find out if you are a good CEREC candidate in the Orem, Utah area. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you create a smile you can be proud of!