A Dental Crown Restoration for a Fractured Tooth

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Grinding your teeth at night on a frequent basis and participating in rigorous athletics without a protective mouth guard can put you at an increased risk of suffering a fractured tooth. A similar threat could also be posed by bad habits, such as crunching on ice or chewing on pencils and pens.

When excessive force is applied to one or multiple surfaces of a tooth, it can chip and possibly fracture the enamel layer. This can cause immediate pain and sensitivity. Even if the tooth doesn’t feel distressed, the aberration in the tooth enamel could start to foster a severe cavity.

If one of your teeth has been damaged, it’s best to have it examined and treated by our qualified dentist, Dr. Alexander Larsen. Once he has examined the tooth, he will present you with a treatment plan.

Patients who have suffered a significant dental fracture might need a dental crown restoration. This treatment requires Dr. Alexander Larsen to remove the remaining layer of natural tooth enamel. The remaining core structure of the tooth will eventually anchor the dental crown in place. After your dental crown has been created in a dental lab, Dr. Alexander Larsen will cement it onto the healthy core of the tooth with a special adhesive. This will complete the dental restoration process to allow you to enjoy the basic function of the tooth.

If you are in the Orem, Utah area and have recently suffered a fractured tooth, you should call 801-788-4922 to seek treatment at Gentle Dental Arts.